How to purchase bettas from us?

Thank you for visit our website.

To purchase a betta from us is very easy.

Step 1. Select betta

Please visit my website to watch our bettas. E-mail to me Code of betta you want to purchase. I will confirm available fishes. The sale is "First pay , First serve" ., The item will sale to the first buyer who first pay for them. Pleaes contact me

Step2. Payment. (Price in $USD)

Fish Price + Shipment fee = Total price in USD.,

But you have to pay me in THB by Bank to Bank. I will send you currency exchange rate to you when you ask for pricing.

- Shipping fee : please rate at

Step 3. Shipment

Please visit at

Please contact me if you have any question or any unclear on my decriptions.

Our goal is to have fully with happy satisfy and repeat customers.
Please contact us at '' for more information.
Thank you for visit us, Please Enjoy and be Happy!




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